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Squishy, squeezable, cute, and soft, Squeezamals are ultra-precious plush animals that are just as cuddly as the name implies. Squeezamals are made by the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company…just like all of the personalized stuffed animals here at Custom Plush! That’s why we’re happy to show off our Squeezamals photo gallery, so you can see for yourself just how cute these stuffed animals can get. With their big round eyes and adorable blushing cheeks, they’re cuteness condensed into a stuffed animal that’s just the right size to hug.

Do you want to make your own series of custom plush animals that’s just as cute as Squeezamals…or maybe even cuter? We can help. Contact us online or at (800) 996-2327 and get started bringing your own squishy and squeezable stuffed animals to life. You’ll love using them as fun promotional giveaways or merchandise. We love working with companies to create custom plush animals, so request a quote from us and let’s get started!

Do you love the cuteness of Squeezamals? Take a look at our Surprizamals photo gallery and see what Custom Plush can make for you!

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