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Creating a line of custom stuffed animals or figurines doesn’t end when the products are finished. You’ll also need packaging! Take a look at our photo gallery of custom toy & action figure packaging options and see what boxes, trays, packages and platforms we offer to display your custom creations. Whether you want to show off a collection of figurines to their best effect or create a full storybook to go with your plush offering, here at Custom Plush we can help bring your packaging dreams to life.

Contact us to get started creating your novelty toys, games, stuffed animals, or figurines! Describe your idea to us and your desired quantity (note: minimum of 500 for stuffed animals and 5,000 for figurines) and we’ll see what we can do to translate your sketch or description into a reality. You can also view our other galleries to see examples of the adorable plush animals and toys that we’re able to create.

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