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Surprizamals, Surprizamals…which one will you get? With our Surprizamals photo gallery, you’ll be able to get a look at a whole bunch of these adorable small stuffed animals with big eyes. From cuddly hedgehogs and ladybugs to T-Rexes that are far cuter than their terrifying real-life counterparts, the animal kingdom comes to life with big eyes and bigger hearts in the Surprizamals line. It’s no wonder that this collection was recently a finalist in the 2018 Toy of the Year Awards!

Looking to create your own line of adorable and collectible stuffed animals? Let Custom Plush help you make promotional plushies for your next event! Like Surprizamals, we’re a proud member of the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company. We take pride in bringing your ideas to life and sharing the love and excitement that only stuffed toys can bring. Get started by visiting our Get a Quote page or view our Surprizamals photo gallery for more ideas on where to begin.

Do you love the magic of Surprizamals? Take a look at our Shimmeez photo gallery and learn more about these sparkly stuffed animals!

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