Terms and Conditions

Company Guidelines and Standards

While we appreciate the interest of any person, business, or organization looking to procure custom plush designs with us, we want to also be conscious of the manner of those we do business with. Therefore, we cannot approve designs that are not in compliance with the Guidelines and Standards listed below. Our customers should also know that we review not only the design, but the persons, businesses, or organizations associated with the design if the intention of the design is in question. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse to accept or manufacture any designs that are submitted to us.

Reasons for Denial of a Design

Our company believes in freedom of opinion and choice; however, we cannot condone the manufacturing of designs that depict violence or have the potential to incite violence. This could include but is not limited to: designs that depict violent crimes, such as assault, murder, rape, or kidnapping; designs that ask for a call to action of violence.; designs that depict weapons or explosives (of a violent nature); designs that are discriminatory in nature (attack individuals based on the characteristics of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected group).

Designs will also be denied if there is indication of a general crime. This may be, but not limited to, theft, drug trafficking, money laundering, identity theft, sexual exploitation, or “illegal” drug use. (In locations where particular use of a “drug” is legal, a design will not be denied, unless if falls into one of the other violations of our standards).

Our company is deeply concerned for the health and safety of those who receive our products. We will deny any design that encourages injuring the body, i.e., self-mutilation, eating disorders, or suicide, while designs that encourage recovery of any of these would be allowed.

To protect both victims and survivors alike, we do not allow any designs that would sexually exploit or endanger another.

We discourage the creation of a design that would celebrate the suffering or humiliation of others. Any designs of nudity, sexual activity, or any sexually explicit content will be reviewed for appropriate usage. For example, if it is being used for educational purposes it may be allowed. All designs of genitalia will be denied.

Intellectual Property Notice

We believe it is important to take intellectual property rights seriously. At our company, the customer owns the designs presented during the creation process. However, customplush.com owns the rights to the pattern. Additionally, we do not share supplier information or proprietary information.

By submitting any idea, concept, drawing, or design to the company (the “submission”), the customer represents that they own all rights to the submission, and that it is their original creation and has not been copied from any other source. In the event that any third party claims intellectual property rights in the custom plush design that is based on the customer’s submission, the customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the company from such claim.

If the submission by customer incorporates any design or element that is owned or copyrighted by a third party, the customer must provide a valid consent or license agreement from the intellectual property owner establishing the customer’s right to use these.

The customer also understands that the company is in the business of independently creating plush designs for hundreds of products, and that such designs, past or future, may have common elements or similarities with the submission from the customer, and the customer agrees that the company shall have no liability in connection with any such perceived similarities.

By providing their submission to customplush.com, the customer confirms their understanding and agreement with the above terms and conditions.